Four-channel flow meter development for racing trucks

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The professional thesis is a four-channel flow meter, design and production topics cover. The instrument is intended to be a competitive race truck while monitoring the amount of water used, as well as to provide information to the pilot and the race engineer for the cooling water pressure is more ideal setting. The instrument design and execution of the reasons is that motorsport is critical of the behavior of the vehicles, the higher the level, the more extensive monitoring. The race trucks are no exception to this rule, in fact because of the significant weight even more critical analysis of the movement dynamics during the competitions. That can help us in this instrument as the truck up to a tournament it is capable of carrying 200 to 250 litres of water, to the surplus recorded weight, generated during braking to avoid a huge heat load. (In other words, the cooling of the brakes). The instrument can help you get an accurate picture of the individual competitions and conditions for the water consumption and thus optimum quantity can be the next filling the tanks. Up to 50 -70 kg extra weight can free the race truck, and if the vehicle is easier, then it follows trivially that ideally also faster. For this reason, the data provided by the instrument of highly importance during data collection.


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