Four-channel hot water and steam volume measuring design using UNICAL data acquisition equipment

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Hot water and steam play an essential part in our daily life, and we do not even realize how ubiquitously we use them. Set aside their roles in the household or the service sector (e.g., healthcare, culture), we have also been using them as simple energy transfers for a long time now.

In the case of energy transfer or energy use, we can distinguish two main participants. On one hand, there are the producers, that is, the heating plants, whose job is to supply the heating systems of nearby regions or city districts. On the other side, there are the consumers: the citizens and the industrial facilities, which need these services for sustaining a livable home or continuous production.

Since we speak about energy produced in great volumes, measuring of these quantities are really important, it has to be precise and accurate. There is a lot of money at stake when settling accounts and one tenth percent of difference can result in a significant financial loss either to the supplier or to the consumer.

In my thesis I designed and implemented a program into a data acquisition device, which can execute such measurements, meanwhile the collected and computed data can be stored for further use. I developed the program to be able to calculate with both hot water and steam at four different measuring spots at the same time.


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