Optimal walking strategies for quadruped robots

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Dr. Drexler Dániel András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Motion and path planning of multi-legged robots are intense fields of research recently.

Walking robots are redundant multi-layer systems; controlling them is a hard problem. It is a challenging task to implement their motion planning and path finding strategies. My thesis is about planning the steps of a quadruped robot concerning some restrictions and

objection functions. In a step cycle it has to be decided where the robot should place its actual leg considering the stability of the robot's body

and the position of the other legs. Other restrictions are the direction and speed of the robot and the order of the legs while walking.

While getting the required motion these constraints appear nonlinear because they contribute to the workspace where the legs can be put to sustain the staibilty. Mathematically it is a hard problem to find the best solution of this nonlinear problem.

One of my task is to implement optimalizing algorithms to this problem and the verification and testing of the results.


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