High level motion planning of four legged robot

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The research on legged robot control lead to more efficient methods. Because of these, the use of walking robots appeared on various applications beyond entertainment industry. A special problem in control of walking robots is the energy efficient planning of the motion, and maintaining the stability with contol theory methods. This thesis aims to provide a stable walking algorithm on the predefined path for the quadruped robot, implemented on high level.

The presented thesis is the part of one of the research topics with Budapest University of Technology and Economics at the Department of Contol and Informatics. It deals with the high level motion planning of the quadruped robot of the Laboratory of Intelligent Robots. Based on some previous works of students, Tamás Kapelner and Dániel Bakalár, and being made with collaboration with Bálint Péceli’s thesis. It presents the algorithm according to the used methods, and the simulation interface created by MATLAB, and also the interface and message structure which connect the high level with the low level embedded system. Another part of the controlling problem, the solution of the inverse geometry and the control of the hardware structure is the result of Péceli Bálint’s work, implemented on low level. As the result of the two theses, the robot can walk on the defined path maintaining the stability.


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