Adaption of a four-quadrant frequency converter to different AC drives

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of this thesis is to set into operation and configure the frequency changer in the laboratory of the Electrical Energetic Faculty. In the thesis it is indispensable to write about the function of the frequency changers and show their control features, the connected power electronic issues must also be mentioned. Throughout the thesis the adaptation possibilities for different alternating current drives must be examined and the configuration must be done as well. The assembly will operate as an education system primarily, therefore this fact had to be taken into consideration.

After the introduction in the second chapter the necessary theoretical basics will be given. The goal of this thesis is giving a brief summary rather than a profound theoretical knowledge regarding all details. Here, I will write about the electrical machines and power electronics, too.

In the third paragraph I will introduce the created measurement environment. I will give the nominal parameters of the electrical machines and power electronics. I will show the power structure and control technics of the system and mention the considerations of the analog and digital signals.

In the fourth chapter I will discuss the topics related to the Control Techniques. I will write about the communication method with the drive and I will introduce the software used to configure the drive. Finally, I will discuss the basics of the drive configuration, mainly regarding the calculation of the current limits.

The fifth paragraph of the thesis is the most important part because the methods of the measurements and their results are laid out here. The results will be drawn on the renowned characteristics. In this chapter I will calculate the parameters of the equivalent circuit model.

The sixth and seventh chapters are a kind of evaluation of the thesis, in which I will suggest some further measurement possibilities and the possible continuation of the topic. Moreover, I will discuss the possibilities of using this system for educational purposes.


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