Development of a low-cost quadcopter

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

On this thesis task, my team made a low-cost quadcopter using available building kits and other of the shelve equipment and endowed it with additional, preferably smart features, including data collection and logging using on board camera and temperature sensor. The device is expected to fly up to an altitude of 100 meters. The design and development is executed in a team, and I performed the following specific tasks, documented in this thesis.

1. Realized an altitude stabilization feature using calibration and configuration. In this stabilization step, it required delicate work, for example, digital compass and electronic speed controller modification.

2. Studied safe landing in case of a major failure of the actuators. At beginning, we considered to include an on-board parachute, but because of weight problem, we added fail-safe function instead to cover disconnecting between transmitter and quadcopter.

3. Installed the temperature sensor and LED to carry out diverse function of drone. Data collected from drone can be transmitted to user’s application by Bluetooth, as well as LED communication.


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