Design and implementation of the orientation control of a quadrotor helicopter

OData support
Kis László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis is related to the controlling of a quadrocopter. My first task was to examine an orientation control working on the vehicle. To be able to do this, I had to create a test environment.

The main part of this environment is a PC program, which I created to control the tests and to collect informations about it. To reach sensor datas, a connection had to be made between the sensors of the helicopter, the incremental encoder of the test bench and the PC software. The connection was realized by a small program running on an Atmel microcontroller device.

To make the first test, I implemented an orientation control to the main processing unit of the quadrocopter, which generated rpm reference signal to BLDC motors’ controller units. The orientation control used the orientation data of the test bench and angular velocity values given by a gyroscope unit of the helicopter. The next step was to change the rpm reference to a pwm reference signal. After that, I repeated both tests by using the orientation data based on the processing of an external camera’s image instead of the incremental encoder.

The goal of my thesis was to examine, how the quadrocopter reacts to the change of rpm to pwm reference given to the motor controls. The results were recorded by the monitoring software and analyed by using MATLAB.


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