Mini Quadrocopter Development

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The modern development of technology has led to the spectacular miniaturization of electronic devices and systems as well as their increased performance and complexity. Such development has also had an influence on the world of quadrocopters, as proven by the quadrotors which can volley a ball or even fly in swarm. My thesis follows the construction of the prototype of a low-cost mini helicopter with four rotors, which is relatively easy to customize. After presenting the operating principles and the build-up of some similar devices, I introduce the necessary components (including the microcontroller, the sensors, the motors, the propellers and the accumulator) and their criteria of selection. Next I show how to design the printed circuit board, which serves as the frame of the quadrocopter, and also how to construct the hardware followed by the presentation of the steps of designing, simulating and implementing the hovering regulator. Finally I am going to summarize my results and the possibilities of further development.


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