Mini Quadrocopter Development

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Thanks to the continuous development of microcontrollers and sensors there are more and more applications where a vehicle is capable of controlling itself based on the surrounding environment. My thesis is about designing and building a vehicle like that, a four-rotor helicopter. I wanted to make the quadrocopter hover by controlling itself.

In the course of designing a complex application like this it is necessary to thoroughly get to know the parts so I can choose between the different solutions. It was my task to select the components for the power supply and the propulsion, so I will expound them in my thesis and analyze the aspects of choosing them.

As a next step I made the parts of the schematic containing the power supply and the motors, then I designed the printed circuit board. I am going to demonstrate this process step by step.

After finalizing the hardware set up I implemented the communication interface between the sensors and the microcontroller, the processing of the incoming sensor data as well as the control of individual motors.

In the final chapter I will demonstrate the testing of the quadrocopter, the problems that occured during the process and the solutions for them as well.


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