Effect of international HV Grid line's connection status on the Hungarian Power System internal Load-Flow

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Szabó László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The goal of the following thesis is to summarize the list of the important international lines, proved by network calculations. It has an important role in the short term network operation planning and system operations, furthermore a Transmission System Operator is obligated to perform these calculations regularly. The main problem is when we disconnect a network element, then its power flow will distribute among other elements close and parallel to it, this could result overloading. This is the reason why a disconnection’s impact on operating elements is so important. The security of network operations needs the responsible people to be familiar with the impact of international lines on their grid.

The thesis includes a short summary about the Hungarian and its neighbouring power systems, including the major regions of electric power consumption and generation, distribution of power plants, typical exchanges and the features of their transmission network. This information can be useful for the training of the Hungarian operational personnel and for the network calculations performed in this thesis.

I will introduce the international rules regarding the determination of the neighbouring network elements’ influence on the Hungarian grid, and the way of their realisation method. The base of these methods is that we can calculate the proportion of power flow after a disconnection for every element, so we can evaluate it’s impact on our grid – in my case the Hungarian grid. I’ve realized all the methods mentioned by the rules, and an additional one which can be used as an ancilliary technique for this object.

Using one of these tools, I will define the list of those foreign network elements, which has significant impact on the Hungarian grid, so their disconnection should be harmonized with the Hungarian Transmission System Operator. This list can be help the work of the short-term network operation planning staff.


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