Showing visitor level of popular places in Xamarin application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Approaching the weekend, Budapest’s party quarters are just getting crowded

and it makes it difficult for us to sit in a bar or pub with our friends comfortably and

without overwhelming, with the aim of being able to answer the big questions of life

together. In my thesis I am guiding through the design and preparation of a multiplatform

mobile application that can provide a solution to this tiny but disturbing

problem. The most important feature of this app is that the user can see the visitor level

of the locations around him on the map.

The complete application is created using technologies such as Xamarin for

multi-platform mobile client, ASP.NET, and SignalR, which supports full duplex

communication between the ASP.NET server and the Xamarin client.

I begin my thesis with a brief introduction chapter where I present the

inspirational idea. Following the introduction, I provide an overview of the mentioned

technologies in a separate chapter. Here I highlight the performance differences between

purely native and Xamarin-based applications. After knowing the technologies, I

introduce the architecture of my application and then we go deeper in details regarding

the internal structure of the database, server and client.

In the next section, I give some ideas of additional functionality that would

significantly improve end-user experience and share my thoughts to overcome the

current limitations of the architecture. Finally, as a conclusion, I describe the

experiences gained during the development.


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