Design and implementation of a Network Service Orchestrator

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The goal of this thesis is to develop an orchestrator application that can operate alongside the ESCAPE resource orchestrator but on a higher level. In the following sections the progress of this process will be shown.

The ESCAPE orchestrator handles the services on a resource level. It has an ability to process service requests, but on a very basic level. Complex, composite service request or service chains can hardly or not be used. This validates the task, to develop a network service orchestrator to overcome this deficiency.

In the next few sections network virtualisation supporting techniques like SFC, NFV and SDN will be introduced on a high level. In addition to this, existing Network Service Orchestrator equipped systems’ working processes will be explained. These sytems in order are Cloudify, OSM: Open Source MANO.

After the sections mentioned above, sections about the design, structrure and operation of the created system will follow. Here details about the circumstances and restrictions can be found.

The testing section is in the end, which describes how the created system was tested and how it performed.


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