Application of neural networks in bioinformatics

OData support
Dr. Bolgár Bence Márton
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my master thesis, on the brink of biotechnology and informatics I am looking for new

opportunities, how to enhance the signal processing capability of a SMRT (Single Molecule

Real-Time Sequencing) based DNA sequencer developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

Does it exist a better and faster way to determine DNA bases? Modern technology has

enabled to specify the molecule size DNA threads. Nowadays, newest technologies can

analyse the whole human DNA in few days with a device,that can be placed in your flat

of the hand. The question is, how exact can they do that? Are they enough robust and

reliable? Unlike the "traditional" bascalling algorithms, in my thesis I try to make the raw

signal - refenece sequence mapping in one step. Using neuronal networks seems to be a

great decision because of the nonlinear and non-deterministic processes. I have two aims:

on one hand I am interested, whether it is possible to train a neuronal network for this

task and on the other hand I want to reach or even exceed the 90% reliability in shorter

processing time.


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