Analysis of the catalytic reactions caused by the wall of a nitric oxide dispensing instrument

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Dr. Benyó Balázs István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The functional purpose of NO breathing machines fitted functional feeder units is to improve efficiency of ventilation by bronchodilatation. The aim of the literature examination is to collect information about catalytic effects on conversion of NO into NO2 of NO-dispensing equipment specified by the manufacturer of structural materials. The function of the respiratory machines is the exchange of air in patients lungs, who are lying in intensive care units, and whose lungs are able to absorb the O2, but they can not sufficiently move the ribs mechanically. The gas exchange can be solving in this way, however, there are patients whose pulmonary blood pressure is high. The reduction of pulmonary hypertension and to use the pulmonary vasodilatation caused by NO represent a gentle method. Accurate dosing of the inhaled air as the gas is mixed with drugs in addition to the NO. Another application of NO's is to save a life of small premature infants who are undeveloped, and the small area of the lung surfaces is unable to absorb O2. Therefore, only temporarily NO was fed until the infant’s lungs to reach the required size of respiratory surface.

NO is known in chemistry, that at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, in the environment of O2, the NO may convert into NO2. This process can be assisted by heterogeneous catalysis of wall materials. NO2 is more toxic than NO, and undoubtedly NO2 has no benefits such as NO, and there is a complete agreement among researchers of this field. There are strongly divided opinions about toxicity, characteristic numbers and measurement conditions. My main purpose is to collect much information about NO, and to summarize the description of chemical materials given by manufacturer regarding to NO drugs.

Indeed, if the literature data shows that there is a catalytic activity of the device against a wall, can be a critical part, there is a possibility to change the materials for a suitable replacement, and to reduce the unwanted NO2 exposure. There is a very little literature about the NO2 catalytic effect, and about the reactions of NO and NO2.

NO is specified by the manufacturer and the substances listed materials and reaction of NO. The reason is that NO was rarely used in the industry, primarily in combustion flue gas, and there are significant actions to prevent the formation of NOx.

In summary, the structural materials used for is not found for the NO-NO2-a transition of the specific literature, so it would be decided by experiment to solve the problem.

The measurements carried out during the examination to assure that the inlet gas mixture and the change of measure. The measurements of the chemical processes were performed at the environmental engineering department's laboratory.

I used the part of the NO metering instrument which is electrochemical analyzer. I also used the electrochemical analyzer of the department Tesco instrument. These instruments have comparable sensitivity.

During the processes of carrying out the measurements, I have to take into consideration of auto-catalytic NO and NO2 conversion, and of the reaction between O2 and NO, and results NO2. I have prepared the measuring assembly design configuration by myself in every case carried out in the lab for the desired goal.

I needed assistance at the measurement data logger for the purpose of beating accurately for readings. They were a shortage of hands and ayes for this task, despite the fact that the computer and data loggers represented a great help for me in all the measurements.


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