Node.js based webshop with mobile phone support

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, web applications seem to catch up with their desktop counterparts both in popularity, functionality and last but not least, in performance. Primarily, it is due to the increasing usability of web development platforms, the extension of web browser services and the appearance of innovative web technologies. These technologies bring a completely fresh perspective in client-server communication, and of course in user experience. In fact, these technologies are not fundamentally new, they build on long used, mature and reliable protocols, they just differ in application or got a new abstraction layer.

Beginning from the second chapter of the thesis, the document demonstrates how it is achievable to build fast and scalable web services using the Node.js runtime, and how to implement a complete web application which uses JavaScript in both client and server side logic. Meanwhile it introduces technologies, solutions on which Node.js strongly builds or cooperates with them quite well. In the following chapters the thesis presents the steps of designing a web service in Node.js, and three different client side applications which use the web service. The paper deals with unit testing Web services, and expounds methods with which a user can be identified on different clients. The thesis provides insight in integrating the PayPal payment service in Node.js environment.

Finally, the document presents the most significant parts and functionality of the finished web application, and as closing, it takes a commitment regarding the usage of Node.js on the basis of different measurements and metrics.


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