Node.js and React based CMS

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

As a result of the spread of the Internet, more and more Web pages are created each day to serve different purposes. Thanks to Google's search engine, you can get immediate answers to any of your questions or share your experiences with your friends on social network sites.

Webshops make up a significant part of web pages, through which we can conveniently purchase the products we need from home. As the number of these services increases year by year, it is necessary to automate the process and to find templates that can help facilitate the development process.

To overcome this problem, so-called content management systems have been created that make it easier to create, store, change, and publish content across a single interface. To create such a system, the use of the right technology solutions is indispensable, so I have chosen the technical background carefully.

After the first introductory section of my thesis, I examine the widely used web content management systems on the market in terms of their capabilities, in the third chapter, I focus on presenting the technological background I choose. After deducting the conclusions, in the fourth and fifth sections I plan and implement a content management system in which I retain the benefits of the known solutions and realize their disadvantages with a better solution, which will in turn result in a more competitive system. In the sixth part I continue with scalability and optimization, then finish my thesis by deducting the lessons.


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