Design and development of a plantkeeper application on Android

OData support
Pomázi Krisztián Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our everyday life, mobile technologies have become available to a large part of our society, so it is common to use mobile applications to facilitate daily tasks. People can choose from a wide range of applications from almost all aspects of life; why would it be different for household tasks? Why don’t we have an application which takes care of our plants?

The aim of my Thesis is to accomplish this task. In my work I developed an application for Android platform that allows users to store their plants in one place, takes pictures of them, and sets alarms individually, tailored to the plants’ needs. My application also provides an opportunity to share plants among users, so that clients can grow their flowers together temporarily or in the long term. An essential prerequisite for this is the online data storage and user authentication.

In my dissertation, I discuss the exact specification of the task, the technologies I used, and elaborate more on the examination of existing similar applications. In later chapters, I discuss developer decisions, system implementation, and user interfaces.

In conclusion, I summarize the results and outline some possibilities for further development.


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