Developing a greenhouse control and measurement system

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of my thesis is to design a greenhouse controller capable of controlling a greenhouse’s doors by the measured values from its sensors.

In the first section I will introduce some existing solutions from that I can draw conclusions to make a set of requirements to my system, then I can design a system which meets these requiremenst.

Next I will examine what options to choose from to fulfill the requirements above, and then outline the plan of the whole system and specify the role of each component.

After that I will mention the choosen microcontroller family and describe the action of selecting the proper hardware components. The process of designing and the operating principles of the circuits are also introduced in this chapter

Finally the software side will be introduced. I will first describe the used developement software and the programmer hardware. Later the structure and components will be introduced of the firmware that operates the system and each hardware component.


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