Development of a language learning helper app on Android platform

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

„As many languages you speak, as many people you worth”, goes the old adage. Indeed, knowledge of foreign languages in the world today is one of the most valuable skills. It is necessary for students to graduate and it is essential for the adult people to find a job easily. In today’s education system, the majority of pupils learn at least one foreign language, and the adults can learn in different language schools. By leaving the school we should continue practicing the language, but unfortunately this is not always available.

The spread of smartphones has opened new doors to the enthusiastic learners. We take them every time everywhere and we use the wasted time, such as time during traveling or a boring lecture’s time for taking out the phone and doing something else. From here came the idea to create an application thet will help you in language learning. Because most devices running on the Android system, I decided to implement my solution to this platform.

In my thesis I present the world of smartphones and the technologies I used. Int he planning part, I describe what other similar solutions already exist, I detail the specification and the design decisions. I will present the implementation parts, than the testing process. Finally I explain the usage of my application and some further development opportunities.


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