Implementing a language learning application on the .NET Core platform

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, knowledge of foreign languages is unavoidable in business and personal life too. Due to the globalization and the improvement of technology we can get in contact with people from all over the world, we can conclude business agreements with firms from other countries and we can work in multinational companies with colleagues whose mother tongue is different. For this contact it is essential to speak a single language. It usually takes years of learning to reach a fluent knowledge. Next to the necessary technical studies language learning is often pushed into background and the acquired knowledge without practice can fall into oblivion easily.

My application’s goal is to help learning languages with interactive exercises. Like any kind of learning, every person has their own preferences in case of languages too. Because of this there is no one best solution that fits into everyone’s needs. However, with editing own tests and enrolling in courses created by others we have the possibility to make the most appropriate learning process for us. During the design the primary considerations were the utilization of cognitive abilities, the user-friendly display and the user experience.

The use of the application alone is not enough to acquire a foreign language, but it also provides an opportunity to deepen knowledge, maintain level, and revive previous knowledge too.


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