Development of a Mobile Application for Language Learning

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the knowledge of languages is necessary in our work place and in the ordinary life as well. To get a job without the knowledge of at least one foreign-language is almost impossible. Not getting in contact with a foreign-language in the ordinary life is unavoidable. Even if we are talking about an everyday situation using public transport or about browsing the internet. However, people have less and less time for learning languages so they try to exploit it the best way possible and they try to acquire the knowledge of languages on their own when they can, even if they are on the way or in the bed.

We can choose from several applications and services which help us to learn languages but most of them use their own rules and databases so they hardly help users for learning independently.

In my thesis I was working on a software system which helps learning languages efficiently and fit for the users. All of this was based on a dictionary database which is easily modifiable and queriable even by a user who is not an expert in this area. With these guidelines I created the possibility of setting up dictionaries which fit for the user’s goals and the possibility of self-learning in the pace of the language learner.

My work involves developing a web application which fits the demands defined above and a mobile application which supports the progress of the learner with algorithms based on user statistics.


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