Building a language learning Xamarin application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Technology has had a huge influence on the society within the last decade. Personal computers and mobile phones are an enormous part in our daily life. Users expect good and qualitative applications in a short amount of time. Mobile operating systems like Android and IOS try their best to create great applications in a very short amount of time. To reduce time to market, cross platform technologies are used. There are many advantages using cross platform technologies. App development is much faster when only one script is deployed. Companies invest ones to get their application done compared to earlier times when they had to spend heavily on different technologies, and instead of writing codes for every platform developers use the same code across all the platforms. [8] We use a lot of applications on our phones that have sometimes good, and sometimes bad influence on us. We see that a lot of people use social media and other applications only for likes, shares and comments. There are still plenty of educational applications that make our life easier, once it comes to learning a new language. Another important thing that we usually have from social media and the internet, is meeting new people around the world and chatting with them, which also provides us with the benefit of learning a language faster. I cannot say our generation has the better methods than in the past, but technology has made our life easier, we don't need to attend a specific place to learn a language, we can simply stay at home be comfortable and learn.

In my BSc Thesis project, I wanted to use a connection between machine learning, social media and gaming, and combine those three parts to create an educational application.

Xamarin is a technology to reach all mobile platforms. You can have Native UI, native performance, common code between the platforms and all of it using the C# programming language and the .NET Framework. Xamarin forms is built upon the foundation of Xamarin.IOS and Xamarin.Android. And if we ran out of features for Xamarin forms we continue with customized features which are platform specific.

The idea behind the application was to learn by interacting, by connecting and the most important part learn the way you want.


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