Development of a language learning application for smartphones

OData support
Dr. Toka László
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

One of the main reasons for the rapid spread of smart devices over the last decade, are many useful functionalities which became the user's personal assistants. There is a growing use of educational programs such as language learning applications: there are a lot of word-teaching applications available on the mobile application market.

However, based on users’ feedback, the most popular language learning applications do not follow the traditional curriculum that has already been used in schools, in which the students can learn the words through themes and it can ask them back. Such an application would not only provide students with language learning in schools – for example by providing their own teacher-posted glossary – but adult learners could also learn more effectively foreign languages.

The aim of my dissertation is to develop a language-based frontend-backend system that can be used to learn foreign languages in one of the most popular smartphone platforms in the world, focusing on topic-based categorization of words. It is part of the task that the structure of the application supports simple theme and language extension, leaving an open gate for late extensions and the application must be used in offline mode.


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