Analyzing the customization abalities of open source ERP systems

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The dissertation examines the usability of the open source ERP systems. After the initial theoretical background part, the goal of the study were to adjust a basic business blue print for a plain mercantile firm, in some of the chosen software.

In the first part of the document there is a summary about the ERP systems which explains them globally. Thereafter a clarification of the value adding process take place, beside the information process covered by the business blueprint. The study shows moreover, how are ERP systems built up, implementing these business process.

A small part of the document presents the world of the open source software, focusing on the ERP’s. Discussing the difficulties of the usage and start up processes for these software.

After clarifying the evaluation criteria the actual systems come foreground. In first place the comparison is along basic technical and global parameters, thereafter comes the actual work in the systems. The first steps in the ERP’s are the initial system setups and master data settings followed by the business workflow processes. The goal was to get familiar with the Purchase, Warehouse Management and Sales process; get to know the architecture of those modules, their parameters and customization settings. In overall what opportunities can they offer, for the implementation of these workflows.

In two of the chosen ERP systems, some custom module implementation took place, researching the support of the development process.


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