Performance analysis of an open source Function-as-a-Service framework

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

A new service model is Function as a Service, provides us an opportunity to use our resources even more optimally. When applying a model, the user instead of a complex application and system configuration, runs a simpler code, that called a function on the Function as a Service, which automatically performs all configurations in the background, instead of the user.

Due to the automated operation of the model and the stateless behaviour of the functions, the function does not need to run continuously, only when the user really wants to run. The system also has automatic scaling based on a variety of parameters, so the system optimally utilizes its resources.

Cloud service providers use primarily the benefits of Function as a Service, but open source solutions have also emerged recently and I look at the performance of the more advanced representatives in my thesis work. During my work, I look at the performance analysis of open source Function as a Service solutions, scalability, analyze different orchestration systems, and compare my results with a commercial solution using two test apps.


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