The analysis and integration of open-source office productivity software in an enterprise environment

OData support
Dr. Horváth Ákos
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Electronic document processes are used by more and more enterprise companies these days, and this requires integrated management of documents in processes, directly from office productivity software. These documents are part of a business workflow or a document management system, allowing easy collaboration.

This infrastructure is typically provided by a single vendor, where both the office software and the document management systems are from the same supplier. One of the biggest drawback of such a solution is that in almost all cases they are closed and proprietary -- making it impossible to replace some of the

elements with open-source alternative.

Previous solutions include proprietary clients connecting to proprietary servers and open-source clients connecting to open-source servers, not allowing

the usage of heterogeneous document management systems.

In this thesis, we integrate open-source office software to document processes in a way that they will be able to interoperate with closed, proprietary

document management systems.


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