Setting up an open source test tool set for J2EE applications

OData support
Bóka Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The software projects nowadays require a greater investment in both workforce and money. The cosequence is that softwere testing gained more popularity recently, as the correction cost of the bugs and errors is increasing rapidly as the project developement goes on.

The goal of my thesis is to demonstrate the tools and methods used in the practice, which allow us to effectively test the application on all levels. There are a lot of avaible frameworks for those who want to learn about this topic, but which to choose isn’t trival, so this writing is supposed to help making the choice easier.

In the introduction part, I will briefly outline the importatnt levels of sotware testing on a J2EE application, and the usability of those levels in the project developement.

The merits of the thesis is to find the most promising tools for the testing layers presented in the introductory and demonstrate the use, behavior and functionality of those tools. An important aspect is that the tools should be accesable to anyone, so I only choose open-source framewoks. In order to achieve better clarity, sometimes I present their functionality on self-made programs, but on certain parts I use a complete J2EE project to perform the tests. Where there are multiple suitable tools for the task, I try them out separately and compare them to determine the best one.

In the conclusion part of my thesis I summarize my experience and collect the best tools on the different levels of software testing, and I determine a complete set out of them that can be used to effectively test J2EE (and most Java) applications.


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