HDL-based design of a RISC processor implementing an open instruction set architecture

OData support
Dr. Horváth Péter
Department of Electron Devices

Manufacturing today’s processors requires serious investments due to the high cost of production and the existing license fees. There are only a few processor architectures on the market that not only come with an up-to-date and free license but also an adequate developer and industry support network. Throughout my work, I managed to create such an RISC type processor that manages to meet all of the above expectations.

I have chosen the 32 bit V architecture designed by Berkley University and used VHDL hardware describing language to create it. For testing, I used both Xilinx and Altera field-programmable gate array, and through them, I was able to monitor the realization and resource need of the processor.

This whole product development is part of a project named Krakken, where the aim was to produce a self-made, multi-function microcontroller. In addition to the CPU that I made myself, there have been also other modules and communication ports produced to support the device.

The tools were provided by the ASIC team of evosoft Hungary Kft, and the university.


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