Design of a measuring and displaying microcontroller based device that aid to adjust switching value of pressure switches and contact pressure gauges

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

In the Security Department of Paks Nuclear Power Plant came up a claim to design a measuring and displaying device to ease to adjust pressure switches and contact pressure gauges. After a few changes the final expectations of the device are the followings: continuous display of the reference pressure transmitter’s actual value; displaying and holding the transition value of pressure switches and contact pressure gauges until the next change; it has to be universal in the mean that we can connect any type of pressure transmitter, which means it should have the function of changing the measuring range; it has to be reproducible based on the scheme; storing and recalling the transition value by push buttons; displaying the direction of the changes on LEDs because of the hysteresis. The first step was that I created the block scheme and the connection scheme to the measure circuit. I selected an appropriate microcontroller to control the operation then I worked the certain parts out. I designed the schematic and the layout plans in the Eagle Cadsoft program.

The approval of the initial plans the manufacturing process could started. After the created mask I flashed it with UV lights and that followed by the etching of unnecessary copper. Then I drilled the final holes for the components and finally the manufacturing ended with the assembling that I used one sided carrier only.The program has to convert the digitalized value of the transmitter value into bar measure based on the type of the transmitter. It has to monitor the contact’s changes and the state of the push buttons and control the 7 segment display and the LEDs. The next step was planning and coding of acquired program and setting up with the ICD2 device. At the end the mechanicians could start the testing the device’s expected features.


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