Tracking and Alarm Management System with Mobile Support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

According to the spread of expensive smartphones, we can take a numerous high-priced devices in our daily traveling. Consequently, the number of personal attacks and robberies has increased. Our smart devices can be used for personal protection, we can avoid or even prevent emergency situations.

This opportunity was realized by the software engineers, a number of projects aimed the personal protection in their application portfolio. The first task of the thesis was to examine these implementations in terms of how plausible, well thought and easy to use are they. Therefore I started drafting the basic requirements of the conception, design the specification and identifying the necessary technologies.

The main goal of the thesis is to improve the existing solutions and extend the architecture based on individual ideas. The basic requirement is to develop a system that allows the users to protect not only their property, but even themselves in a fast and effective way against emergency situations.

The implementation includes a community-based alert system which ensures that the registered partners will be notified when the emergency occurred. The system consists of the following elements: a web-based application server and a native mobile application integrated with a smart watch. Based on these components I created a web-based security system that can be used for the user’s personal protection. With the usage of the application the users may feel safer in emergency situations and they can notify their friends or even a security company personnel about the dangerous situation.

The thesis specifies the tasks, identifies the necessary technical requirements, describes the design and implementation of the architecture, presents the testing results and provides further design improvements and development opportunities.


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