Traceability support in the Papyrus UML modeling environment

OData support
Dr. Horváth Ákos
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Defining requirements plays an important role when designing safety-critical systems, however defining the relationships between them or between requirements and other elements is also extremely important when it comes to traceability. For such systems, it is essential to be able to see which requirement depends on which system component, since if it’s supported properly, when improving or modifying the system, we can see which requirements it can affect, thus ensuring that in the end the system will function as it was originally specified.

In my thesis I extended the Papyrus modeling framework’s import function, which until now wasn’t capable of importing relationships between requirements and I also made it possible to export the requirements and the relationships between them in a format that can be re-imported into the requirement table without any modification.

Furthermore, I created an OSLC Provider to Papyrus, which makes it possible to provide the requirements in Papyrus to any other, even completely different software that implements the OSLC-RM specification in the form of an OSLC Consumer.

The purpose of these added functions is to improve the support for traceability and for the handling of requirements in Papyrus.


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