Printer module development

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Conet Ltd provided me with the opportunity to complete my summer internship where developing cash registers was one of the actual projects. I was asked to write a computer program, which made a bitmap image from a character array. It was useful because most of the thermal printer heads can only print pixel arrays. I liked this area very much, so I was very pleased, when my boss asked me to continue this job and make a printer module.

I think the existence of these modules is very necessary because in most cases the salesman must print out the bill for the customers and therefore needs the equipment to do this. Sometimes the printer is built into the cash register, but there are standalone solutions too. I have often met these standalone solutions when I pay in supermarkets.

In my opinion there are other purposes for my device as well. We use more and more portable electronic equipment so portability has a greater importance for the users. People want to use their devices anywhere and anytime. For this reason my printer module will be able to be used for general purposes as a portable printer.

First of all the printer module should suit all the purposes above. On the other hand, I also needed a device for testing some printer heads to get useful information about the technology. It’s really important, because we want to use the experiments of this project in further applications.


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