Evaluation of Visual Inspection Methods of Printed Wiring Boards in Laboratory Environment

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Dr. Gál László
Department of Electronics Technology

The thesis deals with the qualification of unassembled printed wiring boards manufactured at the Department of Electronics Technology. The aim is to complete the qualification system used in the department so far and organize the typical types of defects occurred in the laboratory.

Based on standards related to the topic and the study of literature, the thesis summarizes the types of defects, presents the defined criteria, levels of quality, then illustrates the gathered and systematized defects.

The practical work began with examining the department's boards. The most important aim was to enumerate the regularly emerging types of defects. The next step was the study of the manufacturing process. The purpose of this study was mapping the location of origins and the cause of the defects.

The next section contains the description of the types of defects and recommendations for their prevention. Then it demonstrates microscopic records, which were made about boards belonging to different levels of quality.

The next chapter is about the evaluation of the measurement results of printed wiring boards manufactured at the department. This contains the presentation of the measuring data about the accuracy of size and registration of the pattern, followed by the evaluation and the drawing of conclusions.

The final part of the thesis details the recommendations to the quality paper integrated into the manufacturing system used by the department. Here the names of the analyzed defect types can be found and marked in order to determine the quality category of the printed wiring board.


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