Scanning electron microscopic analysis of printed wiring board surface finishes

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

Summary of scanning electron microscopic analysis of printed wiring board surface finishes:

The project theme is analysis of printed wiring board finishes using a scanning electron microscope. The analysis were started with studies of the solder finishes and scanning electron microscope, and acquainted with the various aging tests. The knowledge gained and the help of consultant prepared an experimental design, which lets you get answers to the questions to be answered.

During the semester, we prepared an experimental design that has been completed.

The boards subjected to different cycles like multiple reflow soldering cycles, HAST and other climatic cycles.

Recordings was made from the surfaces of test samples in different modes (secondary electron, backscattered electron), and material composition analysis was performed.

The results thus obtained were compared to a conventional solderability testing, and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Continuing project in the next semester, different surface finishes will be examined after similar tests as this semester. The obtained results will be compared and will draw the appropriate conclusions.


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