Study of Masking Technologies of Printed Wiring Boards

OData support
Dr. Gál László
Department of Electronics Technology

I dealt the technological boundary of contact imaging, the problems of phototool’s registration and the advantages of laser direct imaging while I was writing my thesis in Hitelap Zrt.

I traced bibliographical for the different patterning methods. I collected the advantages and disadvantages of them. The phototool’s registration methods were given much attendance.

I designed a PCB, what able to demonstrate many kind of defect of patterning, like registration’s defect, image deformation and the fine patterns defect (defect and short circuit). I measured the fabricated PCB and systematized the results. I allocated the typical defects and the minimal linear distances of them from my results.

Finally, I appreciated the payback period of a bought laser direct imaging system. In this section I analyzed some different development, like the development of infrastructure and the personal requirements making. I appreciated the rising of costumer base, the growing of production capacity and the price of service.


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