X-ray transmission of printed wiring board structures

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

In the electronics industry, control procedures exists associated with each process step (solder paste application, component placement, reflow soldering) which reveals the quality of manufactured parts and filter out the bad ones.

The two typical group of these control procedures are the visual and X-ray analysis.

As the technology developing, the numbers of the printed circuit board layers and integration are also increasing while the electrical parts are becoming smaller which makes precise control more challenging.

The optical inspection is not applicable if the parts or terminals are hidden. In this case X-ray inspection is needed.

In some cases even with X-ray analysis the detection of failures is not possible due to the structure of the printed circuit board and reliable assessments cannot be given about the quality of solder joints.

In my thesis I analyzed the technology of radiographic inspection systems and application areas. I designed printed circuit boards with different number of layers. I investigated the impact of the conductive layers and parts density on X-ray imaging.


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