Manipulation of printed gripper elements with robotic arm

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis work reports a system that automatically takes out the printed object (which could be a gripper, as mentioned in the task description) from the CraftBot Plus 3D printer, once the printing is finished, with the help of the Mitsubishi RV-2F-Q industrial robot arm.

To accomplish this task, I have designed different grippers and an adapter for the end of robot arm, using the FreeCAD designer program. With the developer environment of the robotic arm, I made a program that is able to succesfully take out the printed test object, which is sticked to the printing bed when the printing process is finished, with the help of compliance control. Using the LabVIEW, an application has been designed to solve the communication between the robot arm and the printer.

In the first chapter of my thesis, I detail some industrial constructions where three-dimensional printers and robotic arms cooperate. Then I discuss various 3D printing methods, introduce CraftBot Plus and the related CraftWare slicer program. In the second chapter, I report on my work with the FreeCAD designer program and the various attempts. In the third chapter I describe the characteristics and features of the Mitsubishi robot arm, its developer environment and the robot programming language. The fourth chapter introduces a LabVIEW-created program that solves the communication between the printer and the robotic arm and acts as a control system. In the last chapter I summarize my experiences.


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