Development of Account Management System for Retired Providence

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

According to legistlation, from 1st, 2006 January individuals may have pension-savings bank account as the 4th pillar of the Hungarian pension system. Thus the participants of the Hungarian financial sector implemented the pension-savings account construction, which consists of a bank account and a connected security account abrreviated NYESZ-R. Money deposited on this account features tax return benefits and selling of securities are free of interest tax, therefore this construction became very popular. In accordance with tax law amendments, financial institutions are supposed to implement the account management and the related financial control administration for their customers and the NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration).

I’ve leart the business processes and software functional requirements while working for a software developement and IT consultant company in the financial sector. This system may be independent modul from the core banking systems like a data warehouse, which stores and processes data inputs received automatically during overnight processes. These data describes the events occured on either the bank account or the security account, such as the customer’s cash inflows, dividend incomes, pension dotations provided by the state, transfers and cash outflows. It maintanains technical account balances according to the events. If the customer withdraws money when not entitled to pension payment, there must be done further processing, eg. calculating the tax liability and the customer’s taxed credit. The software must be able to produce tax return and tax liability certificates, and provide control data for the tax administrations.

The development has been accomplished on J2EE platform provided by Weblogic Application Server (Oracle-BEA), in order to learn and utilize standard business software development technologies. The communication between systems is implemented by message-oriented middleware service, the message format is XML defined by XSDs. Technologies includes Enterprise Java Beans and Java Message Service, to establish synchronous and asychronous communication between the components. Web layer is based on Java PageFlow, which supports the modell-view-controller paradigm. Important part of my thesis is the integration of the flexible report generating tool named JasperReports with Weblogic Server and creating documents in PDF format. At last I would like to demonstrate the software testing methodology by means of an automated testing tool Apache jMeter and creating a simple test case.


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