PAPR Optimization in OFDM Systems

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Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Communication is one of the main aspects of life. Within the growing demands and advancement in age, there has been a sudden improvement in different fields of communication. As I am writing these lines, there are more than 6 billion mobile subscribers all over the world, including 2 billion mobile web users.

For better transmission, in wireless communications single-carrier systems are being replaced by multicarrier transmission schemes. The most common multi-carrier systems like OFDM and CDMA can be found in most applications of high data rate wireless communication systems. In OFDM, orthogonally spaced sub-carriers are used to carry the data from the transmitter to the reciever end.

In my thesis I introduce the most important features of the OFDM multi-carrier transmission technique, touching the most important area of use, the LTE (4G) radio system.

In the next part I show the main disadvantage of the OFDM systems, named Peak- to-Average Power Ratio, and show two techniques to reduce this undesirable effect on he system.

In the final chapter of the thesis i focus on learning the basic design of on OFDM system. I use the Matlab simulation program to build, and test the scheme with different parameters, and analyze the quality of transmission. At last I test the two chosen PAPR reduction techniques and compare them.


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