Synchronization algorithms in OFDM transmission

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Dr. Horváth Péter
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Multicarrier modulation schemes have an increasing role in digital broadcasting

systems.. Many system - including DAB, DVB-T and LTE - use the OFDM (Orthogonal

Frequency Division Multiplexing) method for transmission.

In my BSc thesis I give a brief overview on the elements of wireless communication

systems, such as transciever, channel and reciever. Afterwards I introduce a

specic digital modulation technique, OFDM with a detailed description of such system's

features. I discuss the time- and frequency domain waveforms used in OFDM

devices, the distortion caused by the channel and the role of analog devices. The

compensation of the non-ideal behaving is also discussed.

After going through the theoretical background, my aim is to create an engineers

model of the system. I use Matlab as environment for the model. With my software,

it is possible to run simulations with various input parameters. A conclusion can be

drawn on the system's properties based on the results of the simulation.

In my diploma thesis I discuss the construction of the model, the formation and

operation of the simulator. Finally I draw the conclusion from the results of the



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