OSC audio control

OData support
Gulyás Krisztián
Department of Networked Systems and Services

My thesis examines audio controlling using Open Sound Control protocol that is getting a more and more approved standard in network systems. In this thesis I introduce a universal application development method, when an audio application will be controlled by a touch-screen instrument via the network. I chose JazzMutant Lemur, that is an audio- and media-controlling touch-screen instrument using not only MIDI, but Open Sound Control protocol, too. The aim is to control the popular Digital Audio Workstation called Ableton Live by this equipment using Open Sound Control protocol. As Ableton Live originally can't receive Open Sound Control messages, we need to use Max/MSP, that is a graphical programming language with a strong object-orientated aspect, that we can use for creating audio applications being able to run under Ableton Live as plug-ins. I introduce the elements of the thesis, and demonstrate the operation of the whole system, furthermore I review the optional development facilities.


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