Management and monitoring of distributed services on OSGi platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of this project is managing and monitoring a component based, highly modular, dynamically changing distributed Java system. The system is based on the OSGi framework, which is capable of controlling the lifecycle of bundles running in Java virtual machines, and managing their dependencies.

The project is an answer for the nowadays more-and more important demand, that we have to be able to remotely supervise, control and modify business logic components in an often changing distributed system. Also we have to provide services automatically offered by the system components.

This product allows us to manage multiple OSGi instances, to monitor and control bundle lifecycles and components remotely. Remote services are stored in a central service registry, therefore we can acquire any service without knowing the physical location of the component providing it. Installing and updating components happens through the central repository or from any Maven repository. Components configurations are also managed from the central administration node. Informations from the instances – like general system informations or logging data – are available in easily processable and/or searchable form.

The services provided by this product are available through an administration web page for convenient access.


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