Design and implementation of the administrative portal of an OSGi based AAL system

OData support
Vajda Lóránt
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays because of the demographical changes more and more people need contsant care. The Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme was formed because of this reason. Their goal is to develop specific systems, which can help the daily routine of those who need it. This initiative was successful because of the rapid improvement of wireless sensors. The working mechanism of the AAL systems are the following: sensors are deployed in homes, and when they notice something unusal, these sensors notify a specific establishment.

The BELAMI project started a few years ago in the informatics department of BZAKA, it’s goal was to develop an AAL service. Multiple teams are included in the research, their tasks vary from developling drivers through a gateway device to the administration site.

I joined this project in this semester. My task was to design the administration site and implement the basic services. I chose Java as programming language so my first assignment was to get familiar with web development through Java EE. This process included examining the three-layer model used in bussiness applications. I studied data manipulating, business logic specific and user interface specific techniques. Then I got acquainted with OSGi, which was used in the drivers of the sensors, then I designed implemented and tested specific parts of the system.

My thesis contains rich information about these technoligies and a design, implentation and testing phase. In the end I mention a few plans which can be used to improve thes system and I summarize my thesis.


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