OTDR based optical network monitoring system developement

OData support
Cseh Tamás
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The optical transmisson is a key technilogy for the modern, high-speed transmittions. In these connections we can achieve up to 400Gbit/s transfer rates, up to several hundred kilometers distances, which other wired or wireless connection would not be able. As a result, it's used several places in the core networks.

The errors of the optical network can greatly affect our daily lives, so the quick error detection, localization and elimination is essential for the service providers. For this purpose the network operator engineers of service providers use network monitoring sytem, which consists of both a graphical user interface and measurement systems placed in key locations of the network.

In my thesis I'm going to review the basic concepts of optical, introduce the most common errors of the physical layer of the optical interconnections, present some measurement consideration for optical networks and the operation of the OTDR. I'm going to provide insight into the operation of a modern optical network monitoring system and present my optical network monitoring program. Finnaly, I'm going to summarize the thesis work experinences and provide an outlook for the potentials for future developments.


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