Supporting offline mode and data synchronization on Xamarin platform

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, thanks to the explosive growth of the market. Their spread is due to the many advanced features and the richness of services that are available in the form of applications. In most cases, access to the internet is necessary, so network traffic is important for applications. However, users might wish to use applications despite the lack of internet access. For certain features, this is not feasible, but in many cases it is possible to delay transferring actions executed by the application to the service. Furthermore, it is a serious trouble if the device has malfunctioned and the data generated by the usage of the application without internet connection is stuck on the phone.

The aim of my thesis is to create components that can overcome the lack of internet and allow to recover application’s data from the device.

For data recovery from a failed device, I am creating a component for a desktop computer that allows data synchronization via a USB port. To provide offline functionality, I am creating a module for a mobile phone capable of storing and scheduling network calls, and forwarding them to the desktop module via USB port.


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