Smart desk concept and realization

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Korean people is famous for studying for a long time from their elementary school to university. Therefore, there are lots of places to study such as study cafe, library, and study room. At that place, sometimes people forget turning off the light when they go out or theft occurs when people vacant their seats.

To solve problems, I decided to develop a ‘SMART DESK’ which has locking function and CCTV. Also the light of the desk is automatically turning on and off by using RFID Technology. If we can make it then we can reduce unnecessary loss of electric power and avoid the theft problems in study area.

In the beginning, I planned to make it with Arduino, Raspberry PI with RFID reader. Therefore, I made each prototypes such as light, locking, screen and CCTV functions with RFID technology. And then I interworked all functions with RFID. Finally, for exhibition, I made a protective boxes to keep the devices(Arduino, Raspberry PI,..). However, unfortunately I could not interwork with Arduino and Raspberry PI. Thus, the CCTV works by itself without tag of RFID card.

In the future plan, I am supposed to interwork Arduino and Raspberry Pi together with RFID tagging. Furthermore, I can add additional functions such as memo screen on the desk, set up box to manage the intensity of light, etc..


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