Development of smart device-enabled digital adventure game

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our rapidly evolving world, people aim to spend their free time in a higher and higher quality way. It causes, that nowadays, different exciting activities, like the many interesting, and mystical story-centered escape-rooms, or the treasure hunter- and detective-kind of sightseeing games are getting more popular than ever.

Besides that, with the huge development of smart phones and other smart devices, digital gadgets are making changes in our life whether it is work or fun.

The main goal of my thesis is to create a harmonious connection between those two areas, mentioned above. I would like to produce a system, which expands the traditional adventure games with many practical digital devices involving so many creativity, and so different and more interesting kind of fun.

To meet these requirements, I had developed a digital-adventure-framework, which gives the organizers many opportunities to create exciting, smart device-enabled digital adventure games, offering their players a new way of entertainment.


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