Developing a smart kitchen application using Spring and Angular

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of the thesis was the design and development of a smart kitchen application for mobile platform. The application is based on thesatisfaction of the basic need for nutrition as it affects everyone. Many times, the people who live in the same household, don't know what kind of ingredients are in their own kitchen and what can be made of them, and this generates unnecessary expenses. Another problem is that they don't havea unified system where they can store what is needed in the kitchen.

I'm trying to solve these problems by creating a multi-user application. Once logged in, the user sees the kitchens which he is included in, the use can enter a particular kitchen, where he can find out what kind of ingredients are currently available, furthermore he is able to choose between recipes or to create new ones. Within the kitchens there is a wish list where the users can store what ingredients they need in the kitchen, so there is no unnecessary expense.

Within the thesis I present how I created this application using MySQL database, Spring Boot framework, Angular and Ionic framework. I show each step, starting with the database layer and then moving upwards ending with the completion of the user interface.

Finally, I evaluate the work I have done, presenting which tasks have caused difficulties and what I found interesting. I will describe the future plans for the application and the development options.


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