A possible application of Smart Metering - NIALM

OData support
Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Within the confines of my Master thesis, I have written algorithms to a device, which replaces the analog electric meter. This device is a digital electric meter, which can be used as a smart meter as well. The object is to create (write) algorithms to a meter which are able to recognize accurately the operating states of appliances. The challenge is that, we have to measure the consumption in single point, however simultaneously used appliances could induce false recognition.

As a consequence, we could achieve a broader insight into the consumption of our devices in certain amount of time. With this information we are able to ascertain the exact consumption of household appliances which could contribute to a paradigm shift in savings habit. Moreover, it could also help to energy providers to estimate how much electricity is being used in a certain area in a given time.

The information and consumption data are gathered by smart meters can be a part of smart grid system which could support the emergence of a more complex system. There is a great potential in this concept in the future, but it will not be analyzed in my Master thesis.


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