iPhone in an ambient intelligent environment

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Dr. Dobrowiecki Tadeusz Pawel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowdays smart phones are becoming more and more common, day after day more and more people have such devices. Smart phones have already great significance in Ambient Intelligent environments, because they have a lots of built-in sensors such as orientation, temperature, light sensor, accelerometer, and also they have a capability to communicate each other and the intelligence environment around them through Bluetooth, WiFi or 3G. If we study the most common properties of Ambient Environment – sensitive, reponse, adaptive, transparent, ubiquitous, intelligent – we can realise, that smart phones are able to enhance the value of the ambient environment by providing some of these properties. Smart phones are sensitive and transparent (although we keep it our hand every day we do not though about it how many things are in the deep, we only enjoy the services they offer). Also they can be intelligent because they have a significant computational capacity.

Because of these aspects it is a very interesting field of research how to use smart phones to enhance the services of an already established traditional ambient intelligent space.


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